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Our Values


RISCC was set up to address the important issues of climate change and to make companies and people aware of the need to reconsider habits, strategies and procurement to ensure long-term sustainability both for our planet and economic growth.

A Delicate Balance


We are very aware of how volatile our planets eco-system is, with just a 0.5° change, able to create the difference between a manageable climate shift and an irreversible chain of events.


Our Values are strongly aligned with helping to achieve and highlight the importance of committing to the Paris 2016 Agreement to limit global warming to 2°

Climate Education


Building on expertise and significant academic resources from both Imperial College & Mccombs Business School, RISCC believes it is important to educate not just current business leaders but also the future of our industry and political leadership.


Responsible Network


Everyone needs to be aware of the changes needed to ensure the availability of resources, food and living conditions for future generations.


We, therefore, believe that by enabling our supporters and followers to engage with each other we can form a network to accelerate action.

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